Together We Celebrate the Red, White and Blue and Those Who Made it Possible

This month we celebrate the birthday of our nation. Independence Day represents one of the most important days in our history and it is paired with some of the greatest joys of life. From family gatherings filled with backyard barbecues and communities hosting parades and fireworks shows, look in our Calendar of Events for over 100 festivities to celebrate our Red, White and Blue with pride and grace.

We have featured the Joplin Police Motorcycle Unit on our cover. It was a privilege to interview each of these officers. I often see them out on the streets, and each time I am reminded of the leadership, protection, courage, dedication and their service to our community. Not only does the Joplin Police Motorcycle Unit tirelessly work to keep our communities safe, but each of our communities has a dedicated police department. This month, we encourage each of you to shake a police officer’s hand in your community and show them they do make a difference in the lives of others every day.

Southeast Kansas is our feature town for July. There is so much to do and enjoy in this great community. From the Bicknell Center for the Arts, art walks, a barbershop quartet, a growing farmers market, a hilltop sanctuary, the Balloons, Blues & Barbeque event, attractions, local retailers and restaurants, Southeast Kansas is full of life and ready for us all to come and enjoy!

“Honoring Our Military” is one of our most vital features. It gives us great pride each year to honor our active military families and veterans who live right here in our community. This year, we featured over 30 local heroes. Flip through the pages and be reminded of the sacrifices these men and women made to make our country what it is today. I am sure you will find someone you know.

In Home Living Décor, Holly Hukill, certified interior designer, shares wonderful design tips on turning your open sunporch or extra room into “A Four-Season Room.” I love this idea, and I think you will, too!

In Green Thumb, Rose Hansen shares how farmers markets are the best places to buy fresh produce. For a complete list of our local farmers markets and the days and times they are open, see the Calendar of Events pages. Remember, “Eat Local, Buy Local and Be Local.”

The “ShowMe” team will be walking and handing out magazines at the 10 am parade on July 4th in Carl Junction at the inaugural 4th of July parade. If you would like to join our team, send us a message on Facebook and we will give you details on where to meet us. Let’s celebrate our community together!

Thank you to all the men and women in our armed forces who made it possible to celebrate our country. We have the privilege of celebrating the 4th of July because of you. Happy Independence Day!




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Lee Radcliff

Editor/ Publisher